9035 Wadsworth Parkway Suite 4500

Westminster, CO 80021

Charles E. Longtine, P.C. is a law firm in Westminster, Colorado serving the Denver metro area and other front range communities. We provide personalized legal services tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, including plans and solutions to individual and business clients in order for them to meet their objectives.

Our main areas of practice include:

  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection;
  • Probate and Trust Administration;
  • Real Estate;
  • Bankruptcy and debt relief;
  • Family Law.

We are a law firm dedicated to seeing our clients through difficult legal challenges to the most favorable results possible. We serve our clients by:

  • listening and learning in order to understand clients’ needs and goals;
  • discerning complex legal and non-legal issues and problems and see the “big picture”;
  • evaluating, educating and communicating to clients viable options and their advantages and disadvantages, benefits and costs;
  • counseling and guiding clients to wise, comprehensive choices which will benefit the client for the “long run”;
  • developing and implementing plans and processes, and communicating the same in order to accomplish clients’ goals and/or resolve clients’ needs or problems
  • meeting and exceeding client needs, goals and expectations;
  • faithfully completing our responsibilities,
  • treating others with honor, compassion and respect, and
  • ensuring that our firm is best suited to meet clients’ needs.

We accomplish this while conducting our business with integrity; abiding by the law, taking responsibility for our actions, and being honest in all activities.

By choosing to become our client you will experience the prompt and personal attention that you deserve!

Call us at 303-429-0419 to talk with an attorney or schedule an appointment!