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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a personal financial reorganization in which a debtor proposes a repayment plan in which to pay his or her creditors a percentage of the debt owed (or sometimes payment in full) over a three to five year period.

People often file Chapter 13 bankruptcies for the following reasons:

  • They don’t qualify for a Chapter 7 due to excessive income.
  • They want to stop a foreclosure on their personal residence.
  • They want to stop repossession of vehicles or other property.
  • They have back taxes which are not dischargeable. 
  • They want reduced interest on their debt.

Chapter 13 candidates need a stable income stream, as well as money left over after you pay for life’s basic necessities. Our firm can assist you with analyzing your income, expenses and debts to come up with a suitable plan for getting you and your family debt-free.

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