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Testimonials- Bankruptcy

Here is what some of our bankruptcy clients have to say about us:

“Honorable man—Outstanding advocate”

Grateful client from Colorado

My thoughts: I am a senior citizen who, until this year, had a perfect credit rating. Surgeries, family situations, this difficult economy, and, (ok, I admit) some bad decisions on my part, resulted in a need to file bankruptcy. I was afraid and embarrassed. I read websites and recommendations for hours. I wish I could say my choice of Chuck Longtine was scientific and/or strategic and that I could isolate the variables that led to my choice, but the bottom line is, after reading his website, it just felt right. I met him in his office where I was warmly greeted. I was teary that day because I never thought this situation could happen to me. Chuck addressed me as a human first and eased my heart. Then he went on, along with his very capable legal staff, to help me deal with all the “stuff” that goes into this process. He was an advocate for me with a number of companies and individuals. He was also available, not only for specific issues regarding my case, but also for those times when panic set in. I am now on a new and manageable path and I am very grateful to Chuck. Regardless of your method for choosing an attorney, I recommend you put Chuck Longtine in your list of candidates. I am confident he will meet whatever criteria you have in mind.


 “Great experience”

Doug C.

Very good experience going through a scary bankruptcy process. Chuck and Kathy were very helpful and explained the entire process and made all the right moves in my bankruptcy. Great job!


Jonathan S.

From the very start of my BK process I was very impressed with the professionalism & courtesy shown towards me from both Charles and Kathy. I was very blessed to have found Charles Longtine Law in the yellow pages, for I am now on the road to success. Thank you Charles & Kathy for all you have done for me & my family.


“He is a terrific lawyer…”

Raul M.

Chuck Longtine was so much help to us in our bankruptcy. He is a terrific lawyer – explaining everything in detail, what to do before and after bankruptcy, and was real thorough on what to do.


“Bankruptcy Filing”

Lisa H.

Chuck Longtine and his staff are amazing to work with! Facing bankruptcy was one of the toughest and most humiliating things I have ever had to experience. Chuck and his staff treated me with respect and compassion. They are professional, organized and thorough. Thank you Cindy and Kathy for all of your help and encouragement. This was a long process but you made it so much easier to go through. I would highly recommend Charles Longtine and staff if you are considering bankruptcy. They are the best!


“My Angels”

Kerri J.

When I walked into the office of Charles E. Longtine, I was a financial & emotional mess. Charles, Cindy & Kathy have helped me in more ways than I can ever express. Charles and his team are what I call my angels. Thank you for all the support and guidance through this whole process. I finally feel as though I can breathe & relax.


 “Well done!/Bankruptcy”

Leonard H.

Chuck turned what could have been a very stressful and difficult process into an easy & uncomplicated process. Chuck was professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly. His staff was very helpful and patient with all the questions (and there were many). Overall, I was very pleased and would recommend Chuck & his staff to anyone.



I don’t think anyone wants to go through the process of bankruptcy, given the nature of the whole stigma. However the law firm of Chuck Longtine made this a very comfortable process to go through. They were not only kind but very knowledgeable and available for any questions. I felt the process was smooth and efficient.



I couldn’t have asked for better service from Chuck and his team. They were very proficient and made my bankruptcy case go smooth and easy for me. Thank you very much.


“Professional Service”


I could not have asked for better service from Chuck and his team. They were very proficient and made my bankruptcy case go smooth and easy for me. Thank you very much.


David Z

Charles was very helpful in representing me for my bankruptcy filing. Everything was explained thoroughly. His office was ongoingly helpful in answering any questions I had as the process went on. I would definitely recommend anyone in my situation to engage Mr. Longtine as attorney.


Arturo & Veronica

We would like to thank attorney Charles E. Longtine and his staff for all of their hard work in our bankruptcy process. Everything was done quickly so that our garnishments were stopped. Every time I called with any questions or concerns I was immediately answered. The entire staff was very polite and helpful. Thank you.


“Outstanding Bankruptcy Lawyer”


The reason for choosing Charles Longtine for my lawyer in my bankruptcy is first and foremost, because he was a referral from Tom Martino’s List. After meeting his staff for the first time, I felt very relaxed and comfortable even though I was meeting them under stressful circumstances. The ladies were all extremely helpful and patient. Mr. Longtine even called me to walk me through some details I wasn’t quite absorbing. I would highly recommend Mr. Longtine and his staff to anyone looking for bankruptcy representation.


“Thank you”

Brent from Denver, CO

“I had more month than money to provide with basic needs. When I went to attorney Longtine he helped me feel comfortable in the trust that my future could be great. Attorney Longtine was quick, helpful, great communication, smile on face, gave me a life without fear. We appreciate him.”


“Peace of mind.”

 Doug and Jenn B

Chuck Longtine and his team have been great to work with through our bankruptcy. He charts the way through the legal maze in a way that not only brings clarity but also peace of mind. If you are considering your options I fully recommend the Law Office of Charles E. Longtine!


“Made this process bearable.”

Dolores C.

Charles made this process bearable.. He helped me through this from day one until the end, I had to file because of the death of my husband.  Charles was there for me through it all. His office staff was helpful and informational too. I highly recommend Charles Longtine office staff and himself made sure we understood everything and were compassionate.


“Very pleased”

Florine R.

I was very pleased with how my legal counsel handled my bankruptcy


“There are no words.”

Becky J.

There are no words I can say about how I was treated when I asked for help. Their understanding about my problems. I would refer them to anyone that would need help on their money problems.



Mike and Ester H.

Coming to my decision of filing for Bankruptcy is a very difficult decision, both financially and emotionally. All of the staff at Charles Longtine’s firm made us feel comfortable and did not make us feel second class citizens who had failed miserably at managing their life and finances. They gave us hope. Where we had none left of ever getting out of our financial dilemma. Now we can start rebuilding our finances and going forward using the many lessons that we have learned


“Communicates well”

  1. Trujillo

Very helpful in explaining the bankruptcy procedures.


“Blessing in my life.”

Richard P

Going through bankruptcy is a very painful, stressful and humiliating process. I had spoken with other law firms prior to choosing Charles Longtine. They all seem more interested in just getting my business than any show of compassion or understanding. When I met with Chuck I was overwhelmed with his compassion and understanding and his efforts to put me at ease and completely explain everything to me. He even on occasion would call me just to see if I was alright and if there was anything he could do to help ease the stress of the process. I have never met a person both professionally and personally, with such high values and compassion. He made the whole process as easy as it could have possibly been. I do and have recommended him highly. He was and is a blessing in my life.


“Exceeded my expectations.”

Keith N

My experience with Chuck Longtine and his staff has exceeded my expectations. They are professional and caring during an extremely stressful period financially. It was comforting to work with a firm such as this, when they take the time to explain the process and work hard to allow me a better peace of mind.




We were overwhelmed with debt and knew we needed help settling our financial needs. We got help from Charles E. Longtine P.C. Attorney at Law. Everyone in the office was very helpful, patient and professional; everything was done in a timely manner. Thanks for everything.


“Situation comfortable.”

Terri W

Through my life, I always paid my bills but situations beyond my control put me in a no win situation. I found Charles Longtine on the Tom Martino Referral List. What a great choice! Mr. Longtine and his staff made a stressful situation comfortable. They are competent and reliable, always willing to answer any questions. A real person always answered the phone. They are there to help with those hounding creditors. I made a very good choice with Mr. Longtine to help me through my bankruptcy.


“Getting my case Filed Quickly”

Linda W.

Charles Longtine did a great job in getting my case filed quickly; everyone was more than friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this law firm.


“Worth Every Penny”

Elisha M.

The service that they provided was worth every dime. This is no scam. I am grateful. It has relieved my stress and helping me to get back on track financially. I wish I had done it sooner.


“Extremely Satisfied”

Lori G

I was amazed at how much easier this process was than what I had expected. All because of the professionalism and courtesy of the staff. Not only was I impressed with the people, but also the organization and their understanding of this difficult process. I was genuinely pleased with this firm and absolutely recommend their services.


“I researched bankruptcy.”

Janet B

I was in a position where I needed to file for bankruptcy after the new year. Mr. Longtine returned my message via telephone within a few hours. He handled everything very professionally.


“Positive one”

Diana G

My experience with this law firm was a positive one. It was necessary for me to see my attorney only a few times: when I first decided to file and at the court hearing. Both times he was very informative, polite and a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing to file for bankruptcy.


“Helpful, professional and caring”

Ross H.

The Entire Staff was helpful, professional and caring. Above all was the kindness shown to me during some very difficult months.